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Live Blood Analysis

This is an innovative diagnostic test that has a lot to do with prevention. A specialized molecular biologist examines a dry drop of blood in ‘’dark room’’ conditions with the help of a new technology first used by Dr Vitaly Vodyanoy at the University of Auburn AL. A totally specialized microscope, with high-tech equipment, reaches the 150nm level, and up to now the maximum resolution was 250nm. With this new technology, which only specialized laboratories use around the world, it is possible to have high-definition images at the cellular level. So there are cellular lesions that have not yet been possible for diseases to be evaluated such as:

  • Kidney failure at early stagesHepatic damage
  • Endocrinological lesions
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Infections with small microbial or viral charge
  • Early lesions of cancer
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Who we are

Our company has been active in the food industry since 2001.Leading in its field; it revolutionized the way of how Greek people deal with nutrition and diet.

Since 2001, the Medical Center of Food Intolerance and Obesity has been operating in Peristeri, Attica. In 2008 was the time when Mediforma began expanding to other cities in the country starting from the city of Volos. Our goal is to meet us in other cities of Greece.

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