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Gut Screening

The MEDIFORMA Center started a new collaboration with a molecular biology research center from abroad where nanotechnology is used.

It is a revolutionary innovative test by which, using a nanoscope, with feces and urine test, we can diagnose whether a germ, a parasite, a fungus, or anything else that can cause the problem is responsible for patients with "irritable bowel", "spastic colitis", "atypical diarrhea" and generally gastrointestinal diseases and by giving the proper treatment the problem is solved.

Statistics show that more than half of patients with gastrointestinal issues solve their problem.


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Who we are

Our company has been active in the food industry since 2001.Leading in its field; it revolutionized the way of how Greek people deal with nutrition and diet.

Since 2001, the Medical Center of Food Intolerance and Obesity has been operating in Peristeri, Attica. In 2008 was the time when Mediforma began expanding to other cities in the country starting from the city of Volos. Our goal is to meet us in other cities of Greece.

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BMI Calculation