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Food Intolerance Test

How is the test done?

A quantity of 5 cc blood is taken in sodium citrate solution, sent to a laboratory of molecular biology in Bologna, Italy. There the blood is centrifuged and the white blood cells are isolated. The white blood cells are in contact with food extracts which have undergone digestion simulation, a digestion simulation that is equivalent to the human gastrointestinal tract. So closer to what is happening in the human body. The white blood cell reactions are then observed in the microscope when they come into contact with each of these foods. Depending on the behavior of white blood cells, we determine the foods to which we are intolerant and the degree of intolerance we have in each of them.

Degrees of intolerance


1st mild white blood cell change


2nd Start of cell membrane lesion


3rd Complete alter of shape and parenchyma


 4rth Division of white blood cells membrane

The food abstinence occurs depending on the degree of intolerance.

1rst degree=2 months abstinence, 2nd degree=3 months abstinence, 3rd degree=4 months abstinence, 4rth degree=6 months abstinence

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Our company has been active in the food industry since 2001.Leading in its field; it revolutionized the way of how Greek people deal with nutrition and diet.

Since 2001, the Medical Center of Food Intolerance and Obesity has been operating in Peristeri, Attica. In 2008 was the time when Mediforma began expanding to other cities in the country starting from the city of Volos. Our goal is to meet us in other cities of Greece.

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