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It was mentioned that food intolerance is about a battle of our immune system. Every battle needs energy. This energy is taken by our body from the function of the metabolism.


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Together we will not lose weight, we will lose fat and we will not lose it because we will eat less but because we will "burn" more calories than we burned before. In the first place, our job will be to detoxify our body and at the same time to correct our intolerances so that we can consume these foods again without causing us any problems and so they can increase our metabolism.

We want you to forget what you have known so far about diets and slimming.

Together we will count calories, we will not weigh grams.

A totally different and subversive method is used to achieve the desired result. A method without any use of chemical or non-chemical packaging.

What we achieve, we do it just by eating.

All of our effort over the years is what we suggest is to be fully applicable to our everyday life. That is why we believe that MEDIFORMA revolutionized the treatment of obesity.

In addition, recent studies show that a large percentage of obese people who spotted the foods that their body could not metabolize (with the help of food intolerance), safely lost their unnecessary body fat and kept their weight stable over a longer period in relation to people who followed privative diet.